THINK BEFORE YOU EAT- Am I hungry?  Hunger is your body's way of telling you that you need fuel.  so be aware--when a craving doesn't come from hunger--eating will never satisfy it.

SUPPLEMENT WITH LIQUID VITAMIN D- Research has shown that Sunlight, UV-B, and vitamin D normalize food intake and normalize blood sugar. Weight normalization is associated with higher levels of vitamin D and adequate calcium.

7 MINUTES- Make it a habit to walk outside your front door and walk for seven minutes in one direction.  When you get back home you will be close to walking a mile.  This will not only be good for your weight loss but beneficial for your mind and body.

SLEEP MORE- Research shows the hormones which control appetite are affected by lack of sleep, fooling the brain into thinking the body needs more food.

GOT MILK- Research shows that drinking two glasses of skim milk or eating two cups of yogurt or one serving of low-fat cheese per day may help you lose weight without cutting calories. 

 EAT IN SEASON- Visit your local farmers’ market and try new fruits and vegetables. Apples are a wonderful food to keep you feeling satisfied.  What’s the old saying...An apple a day keeps the doctor away?

 GO FOR LOW CALORIE- Choose light when using items such as mayonnaise and opt for reduced fat cheese, milk, meats, and creams.

LOSE THAT SLOUCH- Good posture instantly makes you look thinner!  when you stand and sit with good posture, you automatically take tension off your whole body and everything starts to flow better.

TRUVIA- This is the safe alternative to artificial sweeteners.  It is derived from the Stevia Plant.

 RETHINK EXERCISE- Workout without even realizing it by cleaning house, working in the yard, parking at the end of the parking lot.  It all adds up to movement and calories burned!  

 GET A LIFE- Find a hobby that you enjoy and focus on it instead of your weight and food.

 AVOID GROWTH HORMONES- Eat organic when possible.  Just think if those hormones can make cows and chickens fat, what are they doing to us?

 FOOD IS TO BE ENJOYED- If you want Popcorn and you are at the movies or cake because it is your birthday...GO AHEAD! Enjoy! Life is short.  Just don't go to the movies everyday! (By the way if you are taking THINOGENICS™ don’t worry, You will not overeat anyway!)

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