“I don't feel hungry and my energy is at an all time high! My coworkers saw the improvement and ordered a bottle to try for themselves.  Thank you so much!  I feel like a new person.”  Pat- Georgia

“I weighed 195 pounds before I started THINOGENICS and I am only 5"2.  My wedding is coming up this spring and I have dropped a dress size in just two weeks.  I want to look beautiful in my wedding dress.” Anonymous-North Carolina

“I took one THINOGENICS Tuesday morning.  It has been five days and I have hardly eaten anything.  I can't believe it!  In fact I called my mom and asked her when have I ever eaten just one OREO?”   Lisa-Texas

 “I called my son today and told him I have not weighed 128lbs in 30years!” Bella-California

“It seems like my whole life has been about fad diets, weight watchers, new gym classes, and the latest diet craze on the news.  THINOGENICS has helped me control my appetite and lose 44lbs.  It allows me to enjoy all of my favorite foods but in moderation.” Candace-New York

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